Greenway Biking

Maryville-Alcoa Greenway

Maryville-Alcoa Greenway HIGHLIGHTS: Nine miles of greenway connects Springbrook Park in Alcoa with the Bicentennial Greenbelt and Sandy Springs Park in Maryville; flows [...]

Liberty Street Greenway

Liberty Street Greenway HIGHLIGHTS: Liberty Street Greenway runs parallel to the west side of Liberty Street and connects Middlebrook Greenway to the Juvenile [...]

Kuwahee Greenway

Kuwahee Greenway HIGHLIGHTS: Provides an alternative transportation link from the UT Gardens Walking Trails to the University's Women's Athletic Facilities on Joan Cronan [...]

Knox Blount Greenway

Knox Blount Greenway HIGHLIGHTS: The 2.2-mile section of greenway spans from the south side of the J.E. “Buck” Karnes Bridge and ends at [...]

Jean Teague Greenway

Jean Teague Greenway HIGHLIGHTS: Connects West Hills Elementary School to passed West End Church of Christ, Cavet Station Greenway and Ten Mile Creek [...]

Howard Pinkston Greenway

Howard Pinkston Greenway HIGHLIGHTS: Begins at French Memorial Park and passes by the Howard Pinkston Branch Library, on its northward route to Bonny [...]

Halls Greenway

Halls Greenway HIGHLIGHTS: The greenway stretches along Beaver Creek then under Maynardville Pike to link Clayton Park and the Halls Elementary School on [...]

Grigsby Chapel Greenway

Grigsby Chapel Greenway HIGHLIGHTS: Begins at the Farragut commuter lot and connects several subdivisions; an additional 1/4-mile segment located behind Farragut Primary School [...]

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